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Saddled Hands
Saddled Hands
Media: Clothes form thrift store, heat n' bond adhesive, wood, mp3 player, speakers, electric cord, cast ceramic, cork, paper, watercolor, cotton form tips of q-tips, floral wire, foam, glue, floral metal easel, cast plaster,
9'H X 13'W X 6'D

The top left is a raw edge applique quilt. Mounted behind the quilt is a mp3 player with speakers that plays the sculpture's song on a loop. I wrote and recorded the song. Amy Ferebee sang the song.
In front of the quilt is a wave form made of applique mounted on wood.
On top of the wave form is a cast ceramic bottle with a cork in it. A eucalyptus twig made of wire and paper from an old book pops out of the cork. Next to that is a funeral spray of lilies and greenery made of paper, wire, and cotton from the top of q-tips that have been painted with watercolors. The funeral spray rests on a found floral metal easel.
To far right is a fence post form made of applique that is mounted on wood. On top of the fence post is a plaster cast of a turtle shell with cast human fingers as the legs and head of the turtle.

Song Lyrics:
Saddled my hands will be
Saddled they’ve been
Even though it be a farce
That raiseth(ed) me
Still all my thoughts will be
Bottled up at sea
Bottled up at sea
Bottles at sea

Then with my floating thoughts
Quiet be thy hope
Out of my bottle pops
A funeral spray
So by my flowers you see
Something got buried deep
Something got buried deep
Buried deep

Left on a post to be
A turtle’s cry
Arms, legs, they soon forget
Downward they hang
Still all my tries will be
Built on what you gave me
Built on what you gave me
Built on thee
Built on thee