Jeannine Harkleroad
Trying to Make a Sunset
Wood, fabric, paper, photocopies, lights, electricity
The figure standing in the back, the chicken-cupid-quarterback, turns the stoplight seen in the foreground from red to green using his feet and spikes a football. As soon as the light turns green, the two people in the houses travel down the tracks. When the house with the female conductor moves, she pulls a photocopied image of herself towards a photocopied image of a door that the male conductor pulls as he goes down the track. The closer the houses get to the inevitable collision, the further apart the image of the female and door get. The houses collide. The chicken-cupid-quarterback changes the stoplight from green to red and reels the football back in. The house conductors begin to push themselves back up the ramps. This process repeats itself until the houses ultimately destroy themselves.
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